The Archdiocese of Dublin is seeking applications for parish pastoral workers posts. Last year 16 candidates were selected for training at the Mater Dei Institute. They are due to begin work in parishes of the archdiocese next June.


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Applicants must be baptised Catholics with a primary degree in theology/religious education, or equivalent, as well as relevant experience, a valid driving licence and the use of a car. He/she will have a recommendation from his/her own parish.

Interviews are to take place in April at which candidates will be selected for training from September. In June next year, approved candidates will be mandated by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to undertake a formal and public role in parish ministry.

Successful candidates are being offered a salary ranging from 38,000 to 48,500, over seven increments, and are paid 70 per cent of the starting salary during the one-year training period. On completion of training they will be offered a three-year contract, as it is a pilot programme.

Application forms are available from the Human Resources Department, Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe College, Dublin 3. The closing date for applications is March 27th.


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Applications to enter a process of formation as a Candidate Parish Pastoral Worker are invited from suitably qualified and experienced lay people and Religious who feel called to live their commitment to Jesus by working in the service of the Church in the Archdiocese of Dublin (some of the positions may be on a part-time basis). The process of application is a joint process of applying to the Archdiocese and applying to Mater Dei Institute.

The application form should be completed and returned to Archbishop Martin by 27th March 2009. Shortlisting will take place immediately.Interviews will take place early to mid April 2009.

Following successful completion of the Candidate Parish Pastoral Worker Formation Programme a further process will take place with the Archdiocese of Dublin to discern whether the Archbishop should mandate the Candidate to undertake a formal, public and collaborative role in parish pastoral activity.

Stage 1 – Candidate Parish Pastoral Worker

An applicant who is deemed suitable as a result of the selection process will be offered a parish-based placement as a candidate Parish Pastoral Worker by the Archbishop.

He or she will then participate in the full time Formation Programme at Mater Dei Institute and will do so under supervision.

The Programme of Formation is full time from September to June. The supervised parish placement will
average three days a week over the year. The programme also includes attendance at Mater Dei on two days a week for academic study, systematic reflection and guided personal integration. The programme may be completed at Graduate Diploma or MA level. (A detailed description of the programme will be forwarded to all applicants).

Stage 2 – Parish Pastoral Worker

Following successful completion of the Formation Programme at Graduate Diploma level (including an academic and placement-related assessment and further discernment as to suitability), the candidate will be offered an interview for a three year contract as a Parish Pastoral Worker with Dublin Diocese. (The first 6 months of this contract will be probationary).

During this period a Parish Pastoral Worker may continue studies at Mater Dei on an occasional basis to complete the Formation Programme at M.A. level. Parish Pastoral Workers can be assigned to a parish, a cluster of parishes or a diocesan office.


The following is the salary scale for the Parish Pastoral Worker position:-

38,000, 40,000, 41,000, 42,400, 45,300, 46,800, 48,500

Entry above the minimum is possible with previous experience and qualifications that would be particularly appropriate to the role. On appointment as a Parish Pastoral Worker (stage 2 above) other benefits of the position include VHI, income continuance and a non-contributory pension scheme.

Candidate Parish Pastoral Workers (stage 1 above) will be paid at 70% of the Parish Pastoral Worker Salary Scale during their full-time participation in the Mater Dei Formation Programme.