Listen to a report on the recent diocesan pilgrimage to Turkey in honour of the Pauline year and view a gallery of images of the trip.


[display_podcast] This interview was broadcast on God Send Sunday (KFM) on 17 May 2009.

Fr Sean Maher (group leader) reports on the recent trip to Turkey undertaken by 30 pilgrims from the diocese.



Earliest footsteps of St Paul
Tuesday 28 April Thursday 7 May 2009

Tuesday 28 April 2009
Departed Dublin via Istanbul to Adana

Wednesday 29 April
Drive by coach to Antakya: visit to include Daphne, Seleucia, St Simeons Monastery
and Titus tunnel.

Thursday 30 April
Continue Antakya visit, beginning with Mass in the Cave of St Peter; Archaeological Museum.
Drive westward to Adana, noting Iskenderun (another Alexandria) and the Syrian Gates en

Friday 1 May
Visit Tarsus, birthplace of Paul (and where Cleopatra met Marc Antony). Continue the journey
toward Silifk (another Seleucia), via Mersin and St Theclas Church. Explore Olba, the ancient
Greco-Roman and Byzantine site of Diocaesarea in Cilicia.

Saturday 2 May
Drive to Konya, via Karaman. Possibly visit Alahan (Byzantine Monastery with a C5 Church
and a C6 Church). Visit Derbe.

Sunday 3 May
Mass at St Pauls Church. Visited Mevlana complex. Visited Catal Huyuk, currently the oldest
Neolithic site worldwide (c. 6500 BCE), attesting to the earliest forms of civilization.

Monday 4 May
Visited the Greco-Roman complexes of Perge, Aspendos and Side. Following in the footsteps of
St Paul in this coastal section of the Pamphylia district.

Tuesday 5 May
Tour of Antalyas old city: Hadrians Arch; Fifth-century Byzantine Church; Fluted Minaret
(Yivli Minare 1230 AD); Crusader remains; Archaeological Museum (one of the top five
museums in Turkey).

Wednesday 6 May
Visited Termessos and the wonderful Greco-Roman Mediterranean sites of Phaelis and Olympos.
Time by the Mediterranean coast.

Thursday 7 May

Departed from Antalya Airport via Istanbul to Dublin