2012 Theme

‘Choose Life!’ is the theme for this year’s Day for Life message in Ireland on 7 October.  For 2012, the Day for Life also marks the beginning of a special Month of Prayer dedicated to the theme ‘Choose Life!’ and which concludes on the Feast of All the Saints of Ireland.

Summary of key points from Choose Life!

  • From the moment of conception, every human life is beautiful, every human life is precious and every human life is sacred.
  • Government does not have to provide for abortion in Ireland to comply with the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Legislating for abortion denies the humanity and dignity of the child in the womb and violates the most basic human right of all – the right to life.
  • It is never necessary to target the life of the baby in the womb to save the life of the mother. Ireland, without abortion, is consistently one of the safest countries in the world in which to be pregnant.
  • Many women who have had abortions speak of their deep regret, and research also confirms the harm that abortion can cause women.
  • International experience shows that once abortion is legalised, even in apparently very limited situations, it becomes more widespread than was first intended.

Our call to all: Choose life!

Our public representatives now face a critical decision. They can preserve current medical practice which guarantees necessary treatment for women in pregnancy while respecting the right to life of the baby. Or they can choose to introduce abortion to Ireland for the first time, with all the tragic consequences this will have.

Faced with this decision, we ask our public representatives to make a positive choice. Every human life is beautiful, every human life is precious and every human life is sacred: Choose life!


Visit the dedicated Choose Life website

See below to download the Day for Life 2012 Pastoral Message, Choose Life!, in English, Irish and Polish and to download an A4 poster and a special Prayer for the Child in the Womb.

Day for Life 2012 A4 poster

Day For Life Pastoral Message

Day For Life Pastoral Message in Irish

Day For Life Pastoral Message in Polish

Choose Life: Prayer for the Child in the Womb