A new organisation – Social Justice Ireland – is taking over the work of the Justice office of the Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI).Fr Sean Healy and Sr Brigid Reynolds

Social Justice Ireland

source – www.socialjustice.ie

Fr Sen Healy, S.M.A. and Sr Brigid Reynolds, S.M. are to lead Social Justice Ireland. This organisation will take over the programmes and projects run in recent decades by CORI Justice including its social partnership role.

The work of CORI Justice has developed in recent years to involve many local groups and individuals throughout Ireland. The establishment of Social Justice Ireland is a logical step to reflect this broader involvement beyond the members of religious congregations. The new structure will reflect this development and will consolidate the work across the various categories of activity into the future.

The new organisation has the support of religious and lay people throughout Ireland. It describes itself as working to build a just society where human rights are respected, human dignity is protected, human development is facilitated and the environment is respected and protected.

Both Sen Healy and Brigid Reynolds have worked for more than a quarter of a century for CORI Justice and its predecessor the CORI Justice Commission

Membership of Social Justice Ireland is open to individuals (religious and lay) and to groups (organisations and congregations etc.) who support the basic thrust of the values and work that form the core of Social Justice Ireland.

Further information on the new organisation is available on their website – www.socialjustice.ie