Download the Enrolment ceremony which it is suggested will take place around the diocese on the 1st Sunday of Advent.


1st Sunday of Advent

Click on link to download – Confirmation Enrolment Ceremony (+ notes)

The suggested date for the Confirmation Enrolment Ceremony is the First Sunday in Advent. However this can be a local decision.

There is a benefit in all parishes in a diocese having this ceremony on the same day. It gives a sense of common purpose and vision.


The purpose of the Enrolment is fourfold:

  • To present the candidates to the parish community
  • To highlight the importance of partnership in the preparation programme for Confirmation
  • To make the connection between Baptism and Confirmation more tangible by the renewal of Baptismal Promises
  • To invite the candidates to make a commitment to personal prayer, to community prayer by attending Mass, to take seriously all the preparation for Confirmation, at school, in the parish and at home and finally to do their best to be kind of person that Jesus would want them to be. We also invite their parents and guardians to witness this commitment and to promise to help and encourage their child in their endeavours.


The Enrolment Ceremony has four main elements

  1. Calling by name of the candidates for Confirmation.
  2. Renewal of baptismal promises
  3. Presentation of Confirmation Commitment Scrolls
  4. Distribution of  ‘A Guide to Confirmation’ at the end of Mass


You will need:

  • The names of all confirmation candidates printed on two sheets of paper.
  • Two people to call out the names of the candidates. These might be parents, teachers or members of the parish community.
  • A Commentator
  • People to distribute the Guide to Confirmation to the parents of Confirmation candidates at the end of Mass.


The names of the candidates might be placed on a poster and displayed in the church between Advent and Confirmation.The Poster could have the words  ‘You Shall Be My Witnesses’ with an image of the Holy Spirit.

The community could be encouraged to pray for the candidates during the year. If possible the names of the candidates could also be written on cards and placed in baskets in the church during daily Masses. The daily mass goers could be invited to take a card and to remember that child in their prayers during the year.