Marko Rupnik

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You probably recognize the style of these mosaics. They decorate the Redemptoris Mater chapel in the Vatican. But youve probably never seen the man who made them. Meet Marko Rupnik, an artist convinced that art is the best way to communicate faith.

Marko Rupnik, Artist

I want to communicate and give testimony to the love of God for man. The amazing design and work of the redemption that comes with salvation.

Today Marko Rupnik is showing off his latest work of art in the Basilica of San Giovanni Rotondo in southern Italy, the hometown of Padre Pio. In these mosaics, Rupnik tells a threefold story of the lives of Jesus, Saint Francis and Padre Pio.

Its an ambitious series of mosaics that tries to decipher the identity of a saint. In order to do so, the artist compares each saint to Jesus Christ.

We’re talking about an area of more than 2,000 square meters of mosaics: 18 scenes from the life of Christ, 18 scenes from the life of Saint Francis and 18 from the life of Padre Pio.

This is one of 55-year-old Marko Rupniks few public appearances, whos a native of Slovenia. Today he’s a professor at the Gregorian University in Rome where he himself studied.

Besides being a professor he still finds time to create beautiful works of art like these.

Art has a way of communicating the mystery of a faith that adapts to humanity today because it draws and fascinates people. It’s not a constructive or argumentative logic.

That’s why Marko Rupnik continues to work in his Rome studio where he creates beautiful mosaics that, aside from producing a sense of awe for those who admire them, they inspire people to contemplate the role of God in their lives.