This video shows the Italian doctors of joy, a group of clowns, on a visit to Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem.

The Caritas Baby Hospital is the biggest pediatric hospital in Palestine. It is located in Bethlehem, meters away from the wall that encloses the city. The Hospital was built and is run by the Franciscan sisters of Saint Elizabeth and supported by donations that come mainly from Europe.

The idea began with a visit to the Holy Land. We are organizing a course for health professionals who work here… When we smile our body produces endorphins that help us calm down and relax. It is a wonderful therapy.

This is a way of life, to bring life to where it is not so beautiful, especially here in Palestine where there are so many difficulties. Children are the same in all places. They enjoy the same things, have the same desire to play, the same demands and needs.

For Laura, marionettes are colleagues; they talk, express themselves and charm the children.

The clown, with his or her colorful clothes, transforms the reality of a hospital. A child forgets the pain and joy sets in, enabling an easier recovery. Here, even without speaking Arabic, we are able to communicate through gestures and of course, by smiling.