The RC church in England and Wales has been launched an online spiritual resource to support people confronted with economic uncertainity.

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Uncertainty Prayer

God, you are here, but my path ahead is so unsure and hard.
I fear my loss of security and (name the thing that is most troubling you).

Through the power of your Spirit, please strengthen me
so that I may know what to do and find lasting peace.
Help me see and surrender to the things that are most important
and take from me any obstacles in my moving forward.

Your Son, Jesus, lived as a lowly carpenter in Nazareth,
he was a homeless preacher who was deprived of so many things
and yet he was perfectly happy.

May his example be a guiding light.
Set me on the right path so that I may discover
a lasting security which comes from knowing
that you love me unconditionally just as I am.