Information Evening

Date – Tuesday 9th September

Time -8pm

Venue – Cathedral Parish Centre, Carlow

An Exciting New Choral Scholars Programme

This programme will offer excellent Choral and Vocal training to our young people in Choral Singing and working as resource people within their own communities. The group will be based at the Cathedral but if successful may expand to other centers in the Diocese.

We would like to invite you and your Music Directors/ Teachers/ Liturgists to join us on this evening.

Further information can be obtained from Marian Gaynor ( or Liam Lawton (

We look forward to meeting you there.

Cathedral Choral Scholars

The Cathedral Choral Scholars is a new high-level SATB choral group, aimed at young people aged between 15 and 18. As a context-specific performance group, it will develop a wide-ranging repertoire drawn from the masterworks of the European Sacred Classical Music tradition. The Cathedral Choral Scholars will have their base in one of Ireland’s finest Cathedral buildings, which is the mother-church of the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin. The group’s primary performance focus will be in the context of the liturgical life of the Cathedral, but will also encompass other appropriate contexts. The Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin will be the main funding body, with Music Generation Carlow.

The programme is highly subsidised by the generosity of the Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin and Music Generation Carlow. The cost to participants will be aprox. €90 per annum ~ for individual participants and their families the benefits of this scheme are obvious.


  1. To provide a high-level choral performances programme for young people, specialising in the sacred classical repertoire
  2. To provide extended choral and vocal technical education for young singers aged between 15 and 18
  3. To enhance education opportunities for young musicians in voice, musicianship, aural skills and repertoire appreciation

Tuition programme details:


The Choral Scholars programme is open to all young people aged between 15-18 years of age. Participants need not necessarily be members of the cathedral parish, nor Roman Catholic, but are expected to respect the practices associated with the liturgical services of the church, and to demonstrate an enthusiasm for choral singing and an interest in the sacred choral repertoire. Membership is by application and audition. It is intended that the Choral Scholars will number at least 20, based on five each of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.

Weekly Group choral practice:

The group will rehearse weekly for 2 hours, covering choral and vocal technique, repertoire and musicianship.

Specialist voice-training:

Each scholar’s development will be supported through weekly, line-part voice training workshop, from a visiting classical voice specialist.


A series of workshops with choral specialists are planned for each year of the programme, focusing on development of performance technique and repertoire. These workshops will be led by specialist choral directors and the area of repertoire.

Musicianship and wider skills:

Choral scholars will develop a wide range of skills learnt, which will extend well beyond the musical. As well as a constant focus on central skills including music theory, sight reading, singing technique, and aural awareness, Choral Scholars will develop skills such as teamwork, confidence, language, and working to deadlines, as well as enjoying wonderful opportunities, from meeting leading composers to the possibility of TV broadcasts and other performances. This is a great way to develop the singing voice and gain confidence in using it publicly on a regular basis.

Performance opportunities:

The Cathedral Choral Scholars will have opportunities, once established, to sing once a month at a Cathedral service, for special occasions including the Christmas Carol Service and Easter, and for other Diocesan events. The Choral Scholars programme will include inter-church performance opportunities where the choral programmes of other traditions can be explored. Choral Scholars will learn the appropriate approach to performance within the specific context of liturgical performance.


The Cathedral Choral Scholars will sing repertoire drawn from a treasure-trove of European Classical Sacred Music composed for liturgical use. The Chorale will sing unaccompanied and with organ and/or piano accompaniment.A balance will be brought to their programme in singing the repertoire of modern classical church composers.


A series of workshops with choral specialists are planned for each year of the programme, focusing on development of performance technique and repertoire. These workshops will be led by cathedral choral directors and specialists in this area of the repertoire.


It is anticipated that, once established, the Cathedral Choral Scholars programme will be an established part of the music provision within Carlow Cathedral, and thus a long-term programme. The progamme will begin in September and end in May ~

( Based on a 30 week programme )