In this podcast we hear about the recent three day conference in the Vatican on child protection issues and a special report on the troubled situation in the Irish Church.[display_podcast] This podcast made available from Vatican Radio


The Anglophone Conference

The 10th Anglophone Conference held in the Vatican last week brought together bishops, religious and laypeople to focus on the on the issue of child protection in the Church and support for victims of abuse.

“The Anglophone Conference” was originally set up over ten years ago by bishops from English speaking countries in an effort to share best practise in helping victims who were abused by priests and religious in their countries.

The 2009 meeting, organized by the Scottish bishops’ conference focused on the theme “Looking forward: The Challenge Ahead” and was headed by Bishop John Cunningham of Galloway.

One of the founding members and chairman of the conference is the Archbishop of Melbourne Australia, Phillip Wilson. He explains that the nature of the crisis emerging in national churches across the globe has forced the member nations to move the meeting schedule from every two years to every year:

“It seems to me that the nature of the crises reveals several areas which the Church needs to attend to and this has been part of the life of this conference. We have to find the best ways to respond to the victims and their families and to helping them.

We also have to work out ways of dealing effectively with the perpetrators, there are criminal issues, and they must be dealt with, but also we must make sure that the opportunities to do those terrible things are stopped. We also have to look at issues associated with the selection and training of clergy and religious. And finally, we really have to work hard at creating what is described around the world as a �child safe environment'”.