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CatholicTV.com is committed to helping people come alive in their Faith by encountering the Truth and the love of God revealed by Jesus Christ. Life-changing treasures in the Church have remained “buried” for many Catholics. CatholicTV.com strives to unfold and explore Christian treasures in a way that is faithful, dynamic and understandable. By doing this, we hope to help ordinary people awaken their Faith, and help them develop a more vital relationship with God.

CatholicTV.com is the largest diocesan Catholic television station and Catholic Broadband Network in the world and presents a unique blend of spiritual, educational, and entertaining programming. We have over 60 different shows. You can watch our broadcast online anytime for free at www.CatholicTV.com

CatholicTV is a 24-hour ambassador of what is truly good and honorable about the Catholic Church in America. For many years, CatholicTV has provided the comfort and consolation of the daily Mass and Rosary, particularly for those who are hospitalized and homebound. In these times there is a great need to reach out to younger people, families and many who have become disenfranchised with the Church. Simultaneously, we have come to a moment in history when television and the Internet are converging in a very powerful way. With innovative programming CatholicTV attempts to use these tools effectively to present the Lord Jesus and the gifts of His Church to a society longing for meaning and peace.

Apps for iPhone and iPad

Catholic TV has excellent apps which can be downloaded free from the iTunes store.

The Catholic TV app will allow you to keep update with what is going on at Catholic TV and to access content such as the Daily Mass, Rosary and daily reflection.

The iCatholic Magazine app will allow to download (free) and read their digitial magazine – iCatholic.