The theme for this year is Catholic Schools: Called to Serve. All primary schools and all priests will receive a hard copy of these resources in the week beginning January 25th. There will be a Live Stream Programme for all primary schools during Catholic Schools Week 2015. This will take place on Tuesday, January 27 at 11:55a.m. on

The theme of Catholic Schools Week this year is Catholic Schools: Called to Serve. Every day during this week, our Catholic Primary Schools will take time to think about how each one of us is called to serve God and each other with love, kindness, joy, truth and justice so that we can be the kind of people that Jesus wants us to be and bring his love to the world.

There is love, kindness, joy, truth and justice in every school but our schools are also faith schools, Catholic schools. This means that our school communities are loving, kind, joyful, truthful and just because this is what Jesus wants us todo, this is how Jesus wants us to live. In our schools faith is part of everything that we do, how we learn, how we play, how we treat each other, the kind of people we are. The two things are connected and this is what makes our schools, Catholic Schools with Christ as the heart of everything we do, say and pray.

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