Catholic Schools Week runs from 26th January to 1st February. This is a new initiative in the Republic of Ireland for celebrating the Church’s vision and commitment to Catholic education.



An interview with Maeve Mahon on the topic of Catholic Schools Week.

This interview was broadcast on God Send Sunday on KFM on 25 January 2009


Factsheet for Catholic School Week

Service to mark Catholic School at a School Assembly

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Pastoral Letter

‘Vision 08 – A Vision for Catholic Education’ (includes podcast)

Sunday Liturgy

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Catholic Schools Week

This year Catholic Schools Week is being celebratednationally: in Northern Ireland where it has been part of school life for a number of years, and for the first time in the Republic of Ireland. It is hoped that it will become an annual celebration of the important role that our Catholic Primary and Post Primary Schools play in providing a particular type of education for our young people.

The theme for the week is Catholic Schools – A Vision for Life’.Catholic schools in Ireland are justly proud of their distinctive philosophy of education that is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Earlier this year the Irish Bishops’ Conference published a Pastoral Letter Vision 08 – A Vision for Catholic Education’. This document will provide a central focus for our celebrations of Catholic School Week 2009.

The events scheduled for Catholic Schools Week will take place in schools, in parishes and at national level. Resources (see above) are available to help extend the celebrations into homes all over the country.

In this way the key mission of schools in the Church, the home, in parishes and in the life of the nation will be highlighted.

What is a Catholic School?

The Catholic School:
  • Offers a distinctive vision of life and corresponding philosophy of education based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Strives to create a learning environment where everychild is encouraged and enabled to develop to their full and unique potential as human beings, made in the image and likeness of God
  • Seeks to form pupils who will unselfishly use theirgifts for the common good and are committed to work for a more just and caring society
  • Is a welcoming and inclusive community that is respectful and tolerant of all religious traditions and beliefs
  • Works in partnership with parents and the parish community to keep the light of faith received at baptism burning brightly
  • Provides opportunities for worship through prayer and the celebration of liturgy and the sacraments