Carlow Cathedral will soon have its organ back after a year of restoration. The William Hill organ, that has been in the Cathedral since 1940, has been undergoing restoration work and will shortly be repatriated to the Cathedral.

Cathedral Organ

The original organ in the Cathedral was a Bevington organ, which was installed in the 1850’s. That was taken out in 1944, and a second-hand William Hill organ was purchased and installed. This organ has been undergoing restoration work in Wicklow since last Easter and on April 26 the organ will be repatriated to Carlow Cathedral.

The restoration is absolutely faithful to the original William Hill design and is now totally restored. 2,300 pipes have been patiently and professionally restored during the last year, the frame completely rebuilt with American poplar, while the organ case itself has been lovingly crafted out of European oak. The front pipes of the organ are gilded in gold leaf, the internals totally restored and only glues and materials that would have been used in the 1800’s have been employed. The project has provided ten people with full-time employment for 15 months in the village of Kilcoole, and the finished organ will combine the very best of old traditions and modern technology.

A major dedication ceremony, followed by a celebratory concert featuring the Cathedral choirs and organists will be held once the difficult work of the installation is complete. It is hoped that in future years distinguished organists will visit to give recitals of Church music.