The newly restored organ in Carlow Cathedral was formally blessed on 6th March before an Inaugral concert.  Slideshow is now available.


Interview with Bernard Geraghty about the Cathedral Organ Project



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Programme of Events

Sunday February 20th, 4pm

Concert with Tom Kendzia & Friends

Tom Kendzia , composer of sacred music and liturgical musician will host this afternoon of music.

Sunday March 6th, 8pm

Formal Blessing of the Organ & Inaugural Concert

This concert will feature renowned Organist, Professor Gerard Gillen, Emeritus

Professor of Music NUIM & Organist at the Pro Cathedral, local choirs, Cathedral Parish Choir, Cathedral Youth Choir, Cathedral Schola, Carlow Choral Cór Míosa and Aspiro.

Soloists: Liam Lawton & Kathleen McDermott

Thursday March 31st, 8pm

Musical Meditation on the Gospels of Lent

At this unique event you will listen to the five gospels of Lent in a new way (Temptation, Transfiguration, Woman at the Well, Healing of the Blind Man, Raising Lazarus), the organ commenting by way of meditation, dramatizing musically what was said in the reading.

Sunday May 8th, 8pm

Gala Organ Recital

Featuring David Adams , Professor of Organ at RIAM

Friday  June 3rd, 8pm

Concert with Liam Lawton & Friends

Booking information

The Cathedral Parish Centre,
College St,

Phone: 059 9164087

E-mail: [email protected]

Website –


The Restoration of the Organ is dedicated to the memory of Dr Karl Seeldrayers, Organist & Choral Master of Carlow Cathedral

Sponsor an Organ Pipe

The project of restoration is a costly one and it is also one from which the parish, the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin and the wider community will benefit for generations to come.  The restored organ contains some two thousand three hundred pipes.

In order to help finance the project we invite you to “Sponsor a Pipe” on your own behalf, and perhaps make a gift of a donation to others. Each donation pledge for an individual is €100 and a business is €250

You can make your pledge through the cathedral parish website; or by picking up a leaflet in the Cathedral Parish Centre or your local church.

Thank you for your support

The Project

The William Hill organ has been in the Cathedral in Carlow since 1944. After a year’s work it has now been fully restored to its former glory. The original organ in the Cathedral, which was installed in the 1850s, was a Bevington organ.

That organ was taken out in 1944 and a secondhand William Hill organ was purchased. The William Hill organ was installed together with some elements of the original Bevington Organ. It is this organ that has been  undergoing restoration in Wicklow since Easter 2009.

The restoration is absolutely faithful to the original William Hill design and is now totally restored. 2300 pipes have been patiently and professionally restored during the last year. The frame has been completely rebuilt with American poplar, while the organ case itself has been lovingly crafted out of European oak. The front pipes of the organ are gilded in gold leaf, the internals totally restored and only glues and materials that would have been used in the 1800s have been used. The project has provided ten people with full time employment for fifteen months in the village of Kilcoole. The finished organ combines the very best of old traditions and modern  technology.