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Last Saturday we hosted the Catholic New Media Celebration here at the Pastoral Center. It was a gathering for Catholic bloggers, podcasters, and producers of other digital media formats.

It was very successful and well-attended. About 200 people from around the United States and around the world came to this.

The group that organized it was Star Quest Production Network (SQPN). They create all sorts of digital media content aimed at evangelizing in the Catholic faith and building a worldwide Catholic community through Internet media.

Keynote speakers for the day were our own Father Robert Reed of CatholicTV, and Lino Rulli, who hosts “The Catholic Guy” radio program on Sirius satellite radio’s Catholic Channel. The day also featured talks on podcasting and blogging.

The blogging sessions were given by Thomas Peters, blogger for American Papist, and a panel of other Catholic bloggers. Podcasting sessions were given by SQPN’s CEO Father Roderick Vonhögen and Cliff Ravenscraft, who has produced various Catholic podcasts.

I think it was very encouraging to see how much is being done to get the Catholic message out to young people using technology and the new media. The enthusiasm of the participants for this particular ministry was very encouraging.

In my remarks, I talked about my own experience in using different forms of media to reach my flock in my 40 years as a priest and bishop. I talked about our Spanish radio program and newspaper, El Pregonero, in Washington; starting a television station and a diocesan newspaper in the West Indies; and coming here and having a wonderful Catholic television station and the oldest Catholic newspaper in the country, The Pilot which of course is now on Kindle and the iPhone.

Also I talked about starting this blog and the very important need to reach the younger people through these new forms of media.

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