Deportation order

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In this Channel 4 report Jonathan Rugman explains that Br Paul McAuley is a hero among the indigenous tribes of the Peruvian Amazon.  However, his campaigning for their rights has resulted inPeru’s government ordering his expulsion.

Brother Paul McAuley, a member of the La Salle Christian Brothers who has worked in Peru for two decades, is appealing the order with the backing of the Roman Catholic Church, indigenous and human rights groups.

“I’m very moved by the signs of solidarity and almost spontaneous activities being carried out,” he told The Associated Press from Iquitos, capital of the jungle state of Loreto.

Br McAuley has filed an appeal in the court of Maynas this week against the government’s decision to deport him from the country. This step effectively suspends his deportation, and he has 15 days to prepare his rebuttal of the charges made by the Ministry of the Interior, of violating regulations governing foreign residents by instigating social unrest.