Parish Bookings with K&L

Click to download K&L Parish Booking form

This initial K&L booking form is geared towards parishes booking places for people who know now that they want to attend more than one day of the Congress (and go to Croke Park).

It will help start ‘block booking’ for our diocese in Croke Park.

It might suit parishes to pre-book places at the lower cost now.  We only need numbers and money before the end of November.  Names can follow later.

(NB – This form is not for Priests or youth pilgrims)

Kildare & Leighlin at IEC 2012

It is expected that 25,000 people will attend each day in the RDS, including thousands of overseas delegates, and that 80,000 people will attend the closing ceremony in Croke Park.

It is proposed that K&L will have a DIOCESAN DAY at the RDS – a day that we go as a ‘group’ to the RDS along with going as a ‘group’ to Croke Park. This day will be Tuesday also the ‘FAMILY DAY’

K&L have made arrangements with CSSL to have a group booking in name of ‘Kildare & Leighlin’.

This group will be seated together in Croke Park.

The first ‘round’ of bookings we will assist with is the early bookings of 3 day or 7 day passes + Croke Park. Parishes can pre-book places at the lowest prices by forwarding payment before 30 Nov 2011. (See diocesan booking form)

Our diocesan booking only has two 3 day options – Mon to Wed and Thurs to Sat. If you want other 3 day options, contact CSSL directly.

Details of the pilgrims taking up those places would have to be submitted no later than March 2012. No refunds after 31 Jan 2012

If you wish to book a RDS pass and accommodation through CSSL, you will need to book with them directly (see below)

In separate bookings, you can still enter ‘Kildare & Leighlin’ as your diocese.

Booking through CSSL

Congress Support Services Ltd. (CSSL) have been appointed the official registration and accommodation agent for Pilgrims attending the 50th International Eucharistic Congress 2012.

If not using K&L options above, you can book via

See Video  for options open to all pilgrims (not specific to K&L).

CSSL – email or Tel: +353 1 2981122