View a slideshow of images from Portloise and Newbridge of the blessing of Easter food which is very special tradition in the Polish Community.


Blessing of Easter Food

The blessing of food at Easter is a very old custom in the Church.

It recalls the truth expressed by St. Paul the Apostle in these words:

‘Whether you eat or drink, whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God’
(1 Cor 10, 31).

Eating a meal is a sacred act, a sign of unity and friendship. That is why our ancestors and we also pray before and after our meals.

Every year at Easter the great feast of the Resurrection, we bring food to the church to be blessed. Lent is over, our fasting is over. We rejoice with the Risen Christ as we come together to share this blessed food,  bread, meat, sausages, sweets, eggs which are a sign of new life and salt which preserves us from corruption.