As one of our diocesan initiatives to mark the Pauline Year, Bishop NT Wright will give a talk on St. Paul in Carlow Cathedral on 10th November.

Bishop Wright, the Church of England Bishop of Durham, is one of the world’s leading scholars on the New Testament, and especially on the letters of Paul. He was the official representative of the Church of England at the recent Synod on the ‘Word of God’. He discusses the Synod in the following podcast.

[display_podcast] This podcast made available from Vatican Radio.

All welcome – Monday 10th November

Paul – Faith and Hope for Tomorrows World

Everyone is welcome to attend this talk in Carlow Cathedral. It is scheduled to start at 7.30pm

We will especially welcome members of the various Christian denominations. It is planned that the diocese will promote this talk widely to all our lay ministers (especially readers), catechists, teachers etc. This talk also forms part of the programme of events marking the 175th anniversary of Carlow Cathedral

We have developed a special section for the Pauline Year which already includes a range of multimedia features relating to St Paul.

Ecumenical dimension to Pauline Year

This invitation reflects the ecumenical dimension to Pauline Year as described by Pope Benedict.

When Pope Benedict proclaimed the Pauline year to commemorate the second millennium of the saint’s birth, he highlighted the ecumenical dimension of the event. St. Paul “was particularly committed to bringing the Good News to all people, and made prodigious efforts for the unity and harmony of all Christians” the Holy Father noted.

“The Apostle of the Gentiles, who dedicated himself to the spreading of the good news to all peoples, spent himself for the unity and harmony of all Christians,” the Pope said. “May he guide us and protect us in this bimillenary celebration,” he added, “helping us to advance in the humble and sincere search for the full unity of all the members of the mystical body of Christ.”