If you are a cancer survivor, can sing and want to give something back as a way of saying thank you, please come to Caragh Church and join the BIG C Choir.

Rehearsals every Wednesday at 8pm in our Lady & St Joseph Church, Caragh.

The BIG C Concert will take place in April 2013.

Choir Director: Cora Coffey  Musical Director: Padraig Meredith


Christine 087 054 7213

Lisa 086 3914152


The following is an article published in the Leinster Leader which gives an insight into why the BIG C Choir is being formed:

Two cancer survivors from Kildare have come together to set up a choir for others who have beat the “Big C”.

The choir will sing in a concert on April 26 next year in Caragh Church in aid of cancer research.

Lisa Nagel from Roseberry in Newbridge was diagnosed with bowel cancer six years ago and Christina O’Connell from Naas and now living in Caragh was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago.

“I had [the idea for the choir] in my head for about eight months,” said Christina.

“I love being involved in music and thought why can’t we sing and get some positivity out there?

“It is a lovely idea to celebrate survivors, when I was going through it I said lets get some positivity. When I first was diagnosed I felt fear and disappointment – I was 56 when I got it so there was a lot of mixed emotions. But I had fantastic help from my family. It’s the people and the positivity of the people around you that makes the difference.”

Lisa was on a year out in Australia and only 26 when she was given the life changing news.

“I had been sponsored by a company to stay for a year in Australia,” she said. “I had to go through a medical and I did a full body scan. The next day I was told to go to an oncologist. I had stomach pains and a random pain in the side of my face before I went to Australia but doctors here wrote it off as irritable bowel syndrome.”

Lisa, who is a big believer in the power of positivity, now wants to extend that to the survivors of the Big C.

“I want to put a positive light on the survivors,” she said. “I am officially five years in remission now and I want to do something to help with the research.

“People who have survived cancer know how horrible the treatments are and while October is cancer awareness month I want to remember the people who have survived as much as the people who have died.

“We are looking for survivors especially those who have some choir and music experience or simply those who just love to sing!

“If that is you, or you know someone who is a survivor, please contact myself Lisa 086 391 4152 or Christina 087 054 7213 as soon as possible.

“And spread the word.”