In this podcast, John Doherty, General Secretary of The Bible Society of Northern Ireland talks about the work of the society and the Biblefresh campaign.

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Biblefresh is a bright new campaign launched this weekend at The Kingdom Come Conference in Belfast this week by the Bible Society of Northern Ireland (BSNI)

BSNI is one of a number of Mission Agencies that have been thinking about the 400th anniversary of the KJV Bible in 2011; how can we create fresh excitement in Scripture use and encourage a fresh appreciation of the Bible in our lives? Everyone is being encouraged to approach with greater imagination the whole question of making Scripture more accessible and attractive to the people around them.

The Bible Society translate and distribute the Bible worldwide but they are also ardently involved in making old stories new to those who have been reading the bible for a long time and making the bible accessible and attractive to those who have never picked up one before.