This podcast features the story of ten Occupational Therapy students in Gaza and of the many obstacles they overcame to be able to reach graduation in Bethlehem University. Read on to learn more about Bethlehem University.

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Graduation ceremony at Bethlehem University

Bethlehem University of the Holy Land – Brief History

Founded in October 1973 with 112 Students
September 2007 Enrollment of 2,787 Students
11,181 Graduates over 34 years
Programs Offered In Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Amman, Jordan

Bethlehem University of the Holy Land is a Catholic Christian co-educational institution of higher learning founded in 1973 in the Lasallian tradition, open to students of all faith traditions. Bethlehem University, the first university established in the West Bank, and can trace its roots to 1893 when the De La Salle Brothers opened schools in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Nazareth, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt.

The University is located on 8.67 acres of the De La Salle Brothers property on Frres Street at the highest point in the town of Bethlehem. Beginning with 112 students during its first year in 1973, sixty-three students graduated at the first full graduation ceremony in June 1977. The enrollment of the University increased steadily reaching 1,000 in the Fall of 1981, over 2,200 by Fall 2000, and establishing a record high of 2,599 in the Fall 2006 semester.

The University expanded its facilities to meet the needs of the growing student body: Library in 1978; Mar Andrea Women’s Hostel in 1979; Science Wing in 1980; Social and Cultural Center in 1990; the Institute for Community Partnership in 1991; Bethlehem Hall for the Nursing and Education faculty in 1995; Turathuna: Palestinian Cultural Heritage Center in 2000; and Millennium Hall for the Arts and Business Administration faculty in 2002.

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