Pope Benedict renewed his condemnation of violent conflict 70 years from the outbreak of World War IIduring his visit to Viterbo, Italy.


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70th anniversary of outbreak of WWII

In remarks following the Angelus prayer this Sunday in Viterbo, Pope Benedict XVI again remembered the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. The Pope said he hoped that the memory “of one of the most terrible conflicts in history” is a warning to all “not to repeat such barbarism and to intensify efforts to build in our time, which is still torn by conflicts and confrontations, a lasting peace, passing on to the youngest generation especially, a culture and a way of life marked by love, solidarity and esteem for the other.”

Religions, said Benedict XVI, should promote forgiveness and reconciliation against violence and extremism, “which disfigure the image of man’s Creator” and lead to contempt for Man himself.

The Lord, he concluded, will help us build peace based on love and mutual understanding.