The renowned Passion Play production in Ballylinan, Co. Laois returns this year. Bookings now being taken for the six performances which begin on 26th March and conclude on Good Friday.

Video – Ballylinan Passion Play (2005 Production)

Unique Community Event

6 performances between 26th March to Good Friday 2nd April

The Ballylinan Passion Play is a unique community event where almost 200 neighbours stage a moving production of the Lord’s Passion in the small country village in Co. Laois. Previous productions took place in 2000 and 2005.

Final dress rehearsals are underway and as the countdown to opening night on Friday 26th March fast approaches, the next couple of days lighting, sound, music, visual effects and props will all be perfected to ensure that the production is a spellbinding experience for all those who attend. Cast members have spent since Christmas preparing with many participants fitting in rehearsals around their busy schedules as farmers, teachers, nurses, guards, craftsmen, consultants and students.

The production, commencing with Our Lord’s Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem and culminating with the Resurrection has brought a tear to many viewers as the story unfolds. Not only a timeless but also an ageless production – our youngest cast member is 5 and our eldest 86.


With so many involved and the Play taking place in a small country hall, tickets must be booked in advance.

Phone: 059 86 25125
Fax: 059 86 25172

Friday 26th March

Sat 27th March

Sun 28th March

Tues 30th March

Wed 31st March

Good Friday 2nd April


Adults – 10
Children under 12 y.o. – 5

Further Information

Anna May McHugh
Chairperson Passion Play Group
Phone: 059 86 25125
Fax: 059 86 25172