Pope Benedict has appointed Archbishop Clifford to take temporary charge of the administration of the Diocese of Cloyne.


His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has appointed the Archbishop of Cashel and Emly, the Most Reverend Dermot Clifford DD, as Apostolic Administrator, sede plena and ad nutum Sanctae Sedis, of the Diocese of Cloyne.

sede plena – A term for a diocese which has an incapacitated bishop.

ad nutum Sanctae Sedis – A term that means “at the disposition of the Holy See.” It refers to any circumstance of ecclesiastical jurisdiction where Rome reserves to itself the right to make a final judgment on the matter.

Statement by Archbishop Dermot Clifford

On 4 February last Bishop John Magee requested the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, to appoint an Apostolic Administrator to the Diocese of Cloyne. The Holy Father has acceded to this request and today has appointed me as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Cloyne.

This means that the governance of the Diocese has now been transferred to me and that I have been given all the powers and duties of the Bishop of Cloyne. Bishop Magee retains the title of Bishop of Cloyne.

I look forward to serving the people and priests of Cloyne and to giving them pastoral leadership to the best of my ability. Coming from a neighbouring diocese, I know them to be a people with a proud tradition of faith.

I will give every possible cooperation to the Commission of Inquiry into the Diocese of Cloyne. I intend to meet with the College of Consultors, the Council of Priests, and the diocesan Child Protection Delegate as soon as possible. I ask for the prayers and support of the lay faithful, priests and religious of the Diocese of Cloyne.

Statement by Cardinal Sen Brady

Pope Benedict XVI has been asked by Bishop John Magee to appoint an Apostolic Administrator to the Diocese of Cloyne. The decision of the Holy Father to grant that request is an indication of the importance which the Church gives to safeguarding children and caring for the needs of victims. I wish Archbishop Clifford well as he takes on the administration of the Diocese of Cloyne.