Anamcharadas have organised a special day of input, dialogue and group work on the 18th September, with guest speakers Michael Paul Gallagher SJ and John Feehan.

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Anamcharadas who are we?

The Anamcharadas movement is a ministry of Spiritual Direction, infused with Ignatian spirituality, whose main purpose is to provide soul friends/companions to those men and women who are serious about growing in their relationship with God, with themselves and with others. It is a movement of people who are trained to engage in the ministry of  listening to and accompanying individuals in their search for God. In the past this kind of spiritual ‘guidance’ was rarely available, apart perhaps from the confessional, in a private talk with one of the parish clergy, or on a weekend retreat.

Anamcharadas Vision Statement

We believe that, throughout history, God spoke through many prophets and, most fully in the person of Jesus. We believe that God speaks to us in all our life experience, revealing who God is and who we are. We recognise that, at the heart of each person there is a longing, which is a reflection of God’s own passionate longing to be with us. Our longing moves us to make the search for God, following Jesus and living in the Spirit, the heart of our personal collective history.

Anamchairde therefore, undertake a peer ministry of companioning, based on Ignatian Spirituality. We commit ourselves to facilitating others in attending to God’s call in the experience of their daily lives, and in their deepest longing.  We recognise the dignity and equality of all God’s people, and we seek to make the service of companioning available to all. Our commitment to this ministry is our way of contributing to the realisation of  God’s dream for the wholeness of all creation.

We work in communion to foster this ministry by:

  • Developing in ourselves a contemplative stance in life
  • Providing training and supervision for those who are, or wish to be, engaged in this ministry
  • Encouraging, supporting and challenging one another in our ministry
  • Seeking supervision
  • Contributing to the establishment and maintenance of structures within Anamcharadas which will at all times serve the ministry
  • Choosing to work in collaboration with other groups and individuals, out of a recognition that Anamcharadas is part of a wider movement in the church.
  • Undertaking to develop our own knowledge and skills
  • In its structures and relationships, Anamcharadas seeks to model church as People of God, called to live justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God