Allen Parish is the latest parish in our diocese to launch a website. Read about the design process and check out the results at www.allenparish.ieAllen_Parish_web_BN

Allen Parish goes online

click on link to visit Allen Parish website (

The design process started with putting together a dedicated webteam, made up of volunteers from within the parish with communications, design, IT expertise and a desire to get involved.

The 11-person team, under the guidance of Fr Eddie Moore PP and Fr Brian Kavanagh CC, has been working closely with the the GetOnline division of Catholic, an organisation that assists parishes around the country in developing their websites.

The look of the website is based on a design by webteam member Lisa Duffy, who runs the design agency Paperdoll.

The team decided that the website should celebrate the beauty of Allens locality and specifically our native bogland. This is reflected in the banner image and the colours chosen throughout the site.

Fr Eddie Moore PP says: is an exciting development for the parish. I cant praise highly enough this fantastic team, which has worked so hard in their spare time to bring this project to launch phase.

Webteam members:
Fr Eddie Moore PP, Fr Brian Kavanagh CC, Margaret Cramer (parish secretary), Lisa Duffy, Michael Foxe, Claudia McClean, Mark McDermott (chairman), Letitia Moloney, Maria Murphy, Caitriona O’Reilly, Risn O’Sullivan, Eileen Tiernan and Ita Wyse.


On, youll find:

  • Mass times
  • Contact details for priests, the parish office and parish teams
  • Local news and Catholic news both national and international
  • Information on local clubs, activities, social events, social services and schools
  • Local sports and lotto results
  • Parish history, and
  • QuickLinks to useful Catholic websites for those who want to further develop their faith.

‘One stop shop’

Thanking all those involved, webteam chairman, Mark McDermott, says:

The teams aim has been to develop a one-stop-shop for parishioners who want to know whats going on in their parish. Approximately 320 man hours have gone into the project so far. Its an amazing testament to the desire of everyone involved to create something valuable for the parish. We welcome all feedback positive and constructive by email to [email protected]

Our sincere thanks goes to Sandor Gera and his colleagues in Catholic Ireland for their untiring assistance, encouragement and technical support during the programme’s creation and on-going development. The principal of Robertstown National School, Mary Dillon, and her colleagues deserve our deep gratitude for their generosity in giving us access to computer facilities at the school over the past two months and to Johnny and Sandra McNamee who were there, night after night, to open and close the premises for us.

Most importantly, we want to thank our wives, our husbands and children who have made the biggest sacrifices in allowing us to pursue this project. Thanks for not serving the divorce papers – yet! We simply couldnt have done this without the help of everyone concerned. Now it’s over to our fellow parishioners to ‘click-and-play’ and tell us what you think.

Ongoing Project is a never-ending project. The website will continue to develop, based on parish requirements, visitor needs and feedback.

Plans for Phase 2 are already in train. This will concentrate on developing online access to certain parish records, a section to assist those who want to find out more about our Catholic faith, extending the Local History section, and creating a Kids Corner.