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Christ gathers us as a Eucharistic Community

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you all as you use these Advent booklets to travel on the journey of discovering Christ in this winter-time and drawing life from him! We hope that you find these booklets helpful in your preparation to meet Christ this Winter-time.

This year our Advent booklets coincide with the first stage of preparation for the Eucharistic Congress to be held in Dublin in June 2012. The theme of the Congress will be Communion with Christ, Communion with one another.

At this primary stage, we are invited to reflect on how Christ draws us together as a Eucharistic community. We are drawn together by Christ into that Eucharistic community on so many levels…in our family life, in moments of prayer, in moments of working together for the building of the Kingdom, in moments of studying or praying together, and most particularly in the Sunday Eucharist. Coming together as a Eucharistic community means coming together as a people who want to thank God for the gifts of life and faith and all that he has given us to live our lives to the full.  As we know, many things darken our country and our world at the moment.

Recent months have seen a return to emigration. Many people have lost their jobs and are worried about what the future may hold. In the middle of this, speaking of a community that is Eucharistic, that seeks to give thanks to God, might sound a little shallow—yet it is our only hope! If we can live with a sense of hope and thanksgiving, with a sense of the gifts that God has given us  rather than with a sense of what we may have lost or never known, then we discover a true purpose in life.

As you reflect on the readings this year, we invite you to conclude with the Eucharistic Congress Prayer (which you will find on page 15). It is a beautiful prayer about finding God on our journey and discovering what it is truly to serve him and to live as a people he has gathered to know his love and to live with a sense of thanksgiving for that love.

We have used in our booklet this time some beautiful images taken from the Eala Enamels by Anne Murphy to whom we are very grateful. If you like these images you can see more on Anne’s website:


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