The Holy See helps cut carbon emissions by installing new solar panels on the roof of its modern audience hall. Listen to podcast and watch short video.

[display_podcast] This podcast made available from Vatican Radio.

The photovoltaic or solar panel system that was placed on the covering of the Paul VI Hall was presented this morning at the Vatican, with the attendance of Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, President of the Governorate of Vatican City State and Professor Carlo Rubbia, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics.

According to the official notice, the Vatican City State has not failed to manifest its concern for the urgent problems of environmental nature that concern the planet. A concern that has been made a reality by the new solar panel system, a structure that extends approximately 5000 square meters.

The energy produced will be transmitted to the electrical network of the Vatican, for partial coverage of the energy consumed in the Paul VI Hall and surrounding palaces, through regular economization of energy and a reduction of pollution.