Reach Out 2013

Bishop Denis has decided to continue the diocesan tradition of giving a gift for the home at Christmas.

On the First Sunday of Advent parishioners will be invited to take home a Reach Out envelope containing a Christmas Card, along with a gift from the diocese and a prayer card. People can be invited to take one for their home and for someone whom they would like to reach out.

The Christmas Card and Gift

The Christmas card contains a greeting from Bishop Denis as well as a number of quotes from Pope Francis. The gift is an A5 portrait of Pope Francis. Given the year that is in it, we hope that people will welcome the opportunity to have an image of the Pope in their home. This picture might well find a place beside the Christmas card for the season and is sturdy enough for people to frame should they care to.

Prayer Card

An accompanying prayer card includes a Prayer for Advent that families might like to use to mark their journey through the season, as well as the Meal Prayer for Christmas day that will be familiar to many people.  We hope that families will continue, or indeed begin, the tradition of praying this prayer together on Christmas Day.



Quote from the Christmas Card

“We cannot keep ourselves shut up
in parishes, in our communities,
when so many people are waiting for the Gospel.
It is not enough simply to open the door in welcome,
but we must go out through that door
to seek and meet the people!
Let us courageously look to pastoral needs,
beginning on the outskirts,
with those who are farthest away. …
Go and look for them
in the nooks and crannies of the streets.”
Pope Francis


K&L_2013_Christmas Card
Reach out A3 poster
Christmas Table Card 2013

Message from Bishop Denis Nulty

Dear Friends,
This is my first Christmas among you as Bishop and I am delighted to offer you this greeting along with my prayers and my blessings as we enter into the Advent season.

Again, we thank all those who have undertaken to bring this Christmas REACH OUT greeting and gift to homes across the diocese and beyond.   This year our gift is a portrait of Pope Francis that you may like to frame for your home. The same portrait has been given to all our churches.   My hope is that when you look at his portrait, you will think of the Holy Father’s powerful words calling on us to reach out with the message of Jesus Christ.

I also pray that his words and his inspiring actions will lead us to a renewed belief in the healing and hope that is the gift of Christ. I think particularly of those who feel alienated from the Church and those who see no meaning or
joy in life at this time.

May the weeks ahead be blessed as we prepare for Christmas; may the birth of Christ deepen our love for one another and may the days of the Christmas Season be a grace for our homes and all family members living elsewhere in
Ireland and overseas.

Bishop Denis Nulty