Download and view a range of resources to help parishes promote and reflect on the 2012 Trocaire Lenten campaign.


These factsheets have been circulated to all our parishes for display in each church along with a series of  pictures – see slideshow.  These pictures were taken by Fr Bill Kemmy, our Diocesan Trócaire representative, during his recent trip with Trócaire to Uganda.

Videos and Pictures

We will posting a series of pictures and video reports which provide further insights into this year’s campaign and how Trócaire works.

Overview of 2012 campaign

Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. To put it simply, it is our organisation. It was set up by the Irish Catholic Bishops in 1973 to express the concern of the Irish Church for the suffering of the world’s poorest and most oppressed people. We can be very proud of the work it undertakes on our behalf.

It is important to explain the way Trócaire works – their approach is based on partnership. They don’t employ a big overseas staff but instead develop programmes with local agencies using local resources.

The theme for the 2012 Trócaire Lenten Campaign is ‘Rebuilding Communities for lasting change’.

The boy on the 2012 Trócaire box – Daniel Okweng (9) lives in the small rural village of Bar Kawach, Barlonyo, northern Uganda. In the aftermath of a brutal conflict that affected northern Uganda for over 20 years, families have returned to their original homes after years living in camps to begin a new life. Trócaire is helping these families to grow food, earn an income and send their children to school – the first steps towards a brighter future.

We should recognize the link between the theme for this year’s campaign and the theme for the International Eucharistic Congress to be held this June in Dublin – ‘The Eucharist: Communion with Christ and one another’. We are called by the Lord to a deeper sharing of who we are and what we have. The Eucharist inspires and nourishes us in our efforts to work for a more just world.

We can be very proud of the truly generous response in our diocese to the annual Trócaire Lenten campaigns along with emergency appeals. (See factsheets) Since 2008 an overall total of €2,248,422. Thanks to all concerned.

Thanks to everyone for once again supporting the Trócaire Lenten campaign.